Carmen Botermann - The artist

Carmen Botermann

A life in colour*

Born in Balve, Sauerland region nordrhine-westphalia

Her dutch mother teaches Carmen from early age drawing and painting.

Vocational education and training as volunteer to make-up artist in Osnabruck (1982/83)

Influence of painting artist Andreas Strack and art scene in Dusseldorf with exhibitions and promotions (1988-95)

Journeys to St. Ives (Cornwall). Inner feelings (engaged) and outer feelings (light) create irrestitible the urgend desire: Carmen wants to paint. (1992-95)

Birth of her son. (1995)

Head of Make up Design and Sculpture for the Science Fiction TV-series ?Lexx? in Japan (1996-2001)

Moving to Hamburg (2001)

Carmen begins to draw. Her mother says: ?Keep going!?
Carmen improves techniques with courses for paint and draw.
The first oil painting is created in 2007.

Carmen has found material, expresion and theme. Under title ?Prospects of life? she deals with the central values and questions like balance, charity and time, starting from the subject area ?landscape?. (2007-today)

Anka Zink Recorded by Anka Zink (German comedian and cabaret artist, her best promotion photography where 'painted' by Carmen Botermann, so she finds herself in good company with Paris Hilton, Daniel Craig, Anna Netrebko, Julie Delpy, Bettina Eistel, Diane Siegmann, Sabine Hartelt, Kristina zur M?hlen, Manon Strach?, Jessica Stockmann, Inka Bause, Julia-N Sen, Anja Reschke, Inga M?bius, Marion Matscho?, Doro Wiebe, Rosalie von Landsberg, Tanja Purwin, Xenia Seeberg, David Hasselhoff, Inka Schneider, Bettina Tietjen, Juliane M?cklinghoff, Herma Koehn, Andrea L?dtke, Barbara Buchholz, Annemarie Stoltenberg, Tina Wolf, Anne Strauch, Kristina L?dtke, Marc Marshall, J?rg Siegmann, Klaus von Dohnanyi, Karl Dallas, Hubertus von Hohenlohe, Markus Sch?chter, Feridun Zaimoglu, Jo Brauner, Norbert K?nig, Hinnerk Baumgarten, Jens Riewa, Thorsten Schroeder, Thorsten Reitmeyer, Ulrich R. B?low, Judith Rakers, Hubertus Meyer-Burckhardt, Joe Bausch, G?nther Wewel, Johann Lafer, J?rg Boeker, Yard Dibaba, Dr. Manuela Kesselmann, Lisa Ortgies, Jan Hofer and Susanne Daubner.)

*originally written in german, translation by webmaster
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